Changes at a Flushing Dim-Sum Wonderland?

If you’re looking to celebrate the Year of the Ox in some ridiculously lavish (albeit not very Chinese) environs, you won’t do much better than Linden Place, a banquet hall and dim-sum palace in Queens that one Yelper describes as “Versailles on crack.” (Check out the photos here and here.) But a Chowhounder has raised a concern: “We passed by ‘Linden Place’ this Saturday afternoon and noticed that the name of the restaurant had changed and assumedly is under new management. The assumption is that there would be changes under the new management. The key question is whether the changes are for the better or for the worse.” We were hung up on when we called (part of the Linden Place’s charm), but we’re not too worried. This isn’t really the sort of place you go to for the food (there are more widely praised Flushing dim-sum spots for that), and it’s not like anyone is going to obscure those faux Renaissance paintings with drop paneling. Then again, if it could happen to Penn Station…

Year of the OX Celebration. Some Help, LWong?!!! [Chowhound]
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