Are Dangerous Shoes on the Way Out?

The infamous Rodarte shoe.

British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood has collaborated with Rodarte, Alberta Ferretti, and Pollini, creating some of the most dangerous runway shoes we've seen. Abbey Lee fell at Rodarte's spring 2009 show, for one, and for this, Nicholas feels bad. He tells

"I’m pretty much over the five-inch-high platform and girls tripping all over the place. Granted, I’ve been responsible for some of that … [I]t’s terrible. I have sympathy, I do. Next season’s shoes should be more manageable, I’m feeling ready for a more refined, lighter, more feminine look.

"…I’m working on a pair of flats, but for me, it’s either super-high or super-low. There’s no point messing with anything in between."

Wow, five-, six-, seven-inch heels are finally on the way out because they're — dare we say — impractical? Has the fashion industry gone mad? Still, we don't mind seeing these crazy heels go. It's a long way down for those models as it is, and we regular human folk can't be trusted in these shoes anyway.

Nicholas Kirkwood Feels For The Falling Model []

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