Brooke Burke’s Favorite Celeb: Mrs. Brady

Getty Images

Brooke Burke, the co-host of "Dancing With the Stars," revealed last night that out of all the celebrities she has met during her career, Florence Henderson is the one who has inspired her the most.

“She’s an amazing woman who is timeless and still sexy,” Burke said. “She taught me an invaluable lesson. She said to me that you have to put yourself first in life. It’s not just about the kids. She’s really affected me.”

Burke, who started out as a contestant – and eventual winner – in the seventh season of the dance-off show, said that it is one of the few places she has found that presents a chance to really get to know celebrities.

“’Dancing With the Stars’ is interesting because that’s an opportunity to see people without their entourage,” Burke said. “You really see people for who they are on that show.”

She also spoke about her new book, “The Naked Mom,” at the Borders in Columbus Circle last night. She said she devoted all of her free time over the past year to writing it.

“I worked on it in a dressing room, in my car, at night, in the morning, every free moment I had,” Burke said. “I wondered if I was telling too much or not telling enough, or if things were relevant or if anyone was going to care about this or if people are going to judge me. But I decided I’m just going to do it and I’m going to do it honestly. It was a crazy, therapeutic experience.”

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