New York Band of the Week: Miniboone

Miniboone are enjoying themselves – this much is clear. Still bearing the suntans of their triumphant appearance at the Bonnaroo Festival (a scene heralded as “its own syncretic musical scene that is increasingly acknowledged by the wider music world” in singer/guitarist Doug Schrashun’s euphoric post-show blog), the vibrant New York group continues to perform throughout summer in support of their debut EP, Big Changes, on Drug Front Records.

Presently, the members (singer/guitarist/keyboardist Craig Barnes, drummer Taylor Gabriels, singer/guitarist/keyboardist James Keary, bassist Samuel Rich, singer/guitarist/keyboardist Schrashun) are gearing up for an Aug. 4 gig at Stamford, Conn.’s Alive at Five Festival, supporting the inimitable B-52s. They'll also claim the Aug. 16 spot on the Rocks Off Concert Cruise series, where they will commandeer a loud, booze-soaked yacht down the Hudson (go once, if you haven’t been).

The band’s got an equally enthusiastic sound – a vibrant, dissonant mix of disco-punk squall, New Wave instrumentation, and brisk power-pop harmonies. So you can guess how Schrashun approached our Band of the Week questionnaire.

What song says New York to you?
"Margaritaville" by James Buffet

What artist or band?
The "Saint of St. Marks" by Jordy Trachtenberg

What's your greatest memory of experiencing music in NY?
The first MiniBoone practice, set in a dingy storage loft nestled into a nameless non-neighborhood beneath the shadow of the Manhattan bridge.

If you could give one album to everyone in this city, what would it be?
That would be our album, of course.

What is your favorite venue to play in the city?
Brooklyn Bowl 'n' Stuff. Yeah, that's actually the real name of the venue. Little known fact.

What, or who, do you find exciting in the current New York music scene?
Free summer shows. Hipsters. Prohibition era jazz. "Clarinet Rock." The Sweats. Haircuts. And, apparently the musical theater of the Great White Way.


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