Morning Massacre: Moderne-Art in Slope Goes Nightmare on Elm

Was: $459,000
Now: $399,000
You Save!: $60,000!

You don't often see much blood and gore flying all over the place in Park Slope, but the higher the street numbers go and the deeper into the South Slope you get, the more likely you are to run into a Wes Craven-like scene. Which brings us to the unfortunately-named Moderne-Art Condos on 16th Street, which looks rather like the classic South Brooklyn pile of bricks rather than anything either "moderne" or art-like. Which could explain the PriceChopping that is happening, per Streeteasy. Okay, it's not a bloodbath, but this could just be a precursor of future visits from a vengeful PriceChopper. Let's take unit 2B, which is a cute little studio. It went on the market for $439,000 in July. A couple of weeks later the price was upped to $459,000. Now? As of four days ago, it's $399,000, which is fascinating in that prime Prospect Park West studios in brownstones are in that general price zone, if not lower. No truth to the street talk it's being renamed Krueger Moderne.
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