Michelle Obama's Mother Will Be White House Fifth Wheel

Marian Robinson joins Obamas at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Come Tuesday, Barack Obama, wife Michelle and their two young daughters will call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue their new home.

And so will Marian Robinson.

Who's she, you ask?

Marian Robinson is Michelle Obama's mother, the grandmother to Sasha and Malia who served as their primary caregiver as their parents worked the campaign trail for nearly two years.

A local single mom said she likes the idea of Robinson living with her daughter and son-in-law, helping take care of the children.

"To me, it is a pleasure that Grandma is going into the White House," Margaret Hamilton said. "If I was Obama and Michele, I'd be like, 'Yes, Grandma, right on.'"

Hamilton lives on 2720 Grand Concourse in the Bronx, and her own mother, Mary Corsey, helps take care of her four grandchildren.

"They are our future, and in order to give them the right tools, we give them the foundation," Corsey said. "Between my daughter and I, we do it for their future."

A recent survey by New York-based Grandparents.com showed that 83 percent of respondents said the girls' grandmother living with them in the White House is a good thing, and 77 percent even think the arrangement will help make Obama a better president and Michelle a better first lady.

"You want to carry on the family traditions," Grandparents.com Executive Director Susan Avery said. "You want to keep the families together, and that's where we're going with the Obama family. They really believe in that."

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