McAllister: ‘I Was Not Let Go from Charles'

When a chef leaves a restaurant before the joint turns one month there are inevitably two sides to the departure story—and colorful sides, at that, for your rubbernecking pleasure. Such is the case at Charles, the aspiring West Village hot spot, which debuted on or around the last week of October. Opening day executive chef John McAllister left the restaurant last week and Charles ownership quickly took responsibility for the move. Story side one, heard. And now, the departing chef's take:

I was not let go from Charles. From day one the restaurant has not been sufficiently funded and checks were bouncing, not only to vendors but to staff alike, warranting my departure. In fact we had only received positive press up until the time of my departure. Charles is still serving my menu but at a lower quality. My No. 2 has not been installed as the new Executive Chef of Charles.

For the sake of trying to understand who's now cooking, we reached Charles owner Cobi Levy this morning. Levy on redirect: "John was a good chef. We wish him well in his future endeavors. We are very happy with our current situation. Our executive sous chef, Christine, is running the kitchen."
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