LCD Soundsystem Sellout: The Fallout

Tickets to LCD Soundsystem's farewell concert sold out in a matter of minutes this morning, but we've got an inkling that more will be released as the April 3rd date approaches.

Until then, frantic fans clamoring to get into the Madison Square Garden event show are turning to Twitter and local rock blogs for consolation. The truly desperate might consider $3,500 tix on Stubhub for $3,500 tix, while Craigslist posts some relative three-figure bargains. Official prices started at $47 after Ticketmaster's absurd convenience fees.'s Foster Kamer connected the LCD madness with this morning's other historic moment, tweeting "Mubarak's out. He decided to step down so he can keep clicking on Ticketmaster to score a ticket to @LCDSoundsystem." Brooklyn Vegan commenters failed to see the humor in the sellout, writing "This is hands down the most bizarre onsale with Ticketmaster I've ever encountered. Didn't let me select anything until 11:06 and 'No Matches available' over and over and over again." Others were too shell shocked to vent their frustrations, asking "could someone tell me what just happened?"

LCD Soundystem offers condolences on its Twitter feed, lashing out at scalpers and asking, repeatedly, if anyone scored seats. Cue crickets and a dumbfounded response of "seriously--NO ONE? NO ONE on here?"

We're here to offer a sliver of hope. Considering the near-biblical proportions this concert has taken on, MSG might open up the portion of the arena behind the stag that usually sits empty during concerts, assuming they haven't already.

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