Launch My Line: A “Distressed” Challenge, and Patrick Gets the Boot

It's hard to overemphasize how devastated we are that the show's last remaining scene-stealer got the boot last night. Though, to be fair, Patrick ?the Dandy" McDonald's final look was pretty horrifying.

For this week's challenge on "Launch My Line," the contestants were sent to the Citizens of Humanity denim warehouse to learn about fabric-distressing techniques and then apply their learnings to one of their chosen fabrics. But here's the kicker: each contestant had to use a fellow contestant as his or her inspiration. Let the snickering  begin!

Kathy picked Merle as her inspiration, creating a surprisingly scandalous dress (read: the top of the model's rear end was barely covered) that even Merle said she "couldn't go to dinner in." The best part had to be when Kathy tried to incorporate a quill into the design somewhere to represent Merle's writing abilities. What is she, Shakespeare?

Louanna was inspired by Kathy, resulting in a totally humdrum jeans-and-strapless-top ensemble that bored us (and the judges to tears). Sidebar: How is one supposed to react when an atrocious outfit has been "inspired" by you? Awkward.

Merle was inspired by Louanna, and created a rather fetching three-way convertible dress with a (we'll say it) matronly jacket to match. Naturally, she won, because her expert is the indomitable Thai. Has anyone else noticed that a good expert will make you in this competition? 

Patrick and Eric were inspired by each other (boys unite!), but somehow Eric's outfit came out like trashy club gear (read: blue flecked tight cocktail dress) and Patrick's came out looking like a red chiffon vampiress ensemble, complete wtih black tulle shawl and lacey leggings. Horror show.

While his exit was deserved -- that final outfit was truly a mess -- Patrick's departure will be keenly felt by pretty much everyone covering this show. since the remaining contestants are remarkably drama/wit/one-liner free. And with Project Runway kicking off tonight, we fear "Launch My Line" may start to fall by the wayside ...

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