Juicy Finds Out Who's Naughty Or Nice

File under cute holiday gimmicks: Juicy Couture has a web feature matching gifts based on how one self-rates their behavior over the preceding year.  We gave ourselves a conservative "not so good" score and apparently deserve a bedazzled hamburger keychain.

Depending on how good you got in 2009, Juicy would bestow upon you anything from socks for the dismally poorly behaved, to some trippy pink zebra for the angelic among us, who seem to be so numerous the pretty beast has sold out.  Perhaps we're just not in on the joke, but in between one can find treasures from a statement bib necklace, a faux fur chubby and Juicy's trademark sweats. 

Basically, it's one-stop shopping for anyone receiving goodies between a lump of coal and a shiny new bicycle this holiday.  Enjoy!

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