John Galliano Presents Diffusion Line for Gents: Galliano

The latest in the illustrious list of designers creating diffusion lines is Mr. John Galliano, whose new Galliano menswear diffusion line offers up undone, smart urban styles for the independent-minded man.

Galliano draws from a whole mess of influences for the new collection, melding together into one gloriously hodgepodge look British punk anarchy and his signature downtown high fashion aesthetic.  The unexpected abounds in exquisitely tailored denim and patchwork military jackets and tartan parkas, as well as bohemian layers in rich, but subdued color. 

For Galliano, the line represents a new element of the brand that gives men the same expanded choices women tend to be getting with the proliferation of diffusion lines.  Galliano debuts on Monday at Men's Fashion Week in Milan. 

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