New iPhone App Claims to Help Aging Eyes

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GlassesOff, a new app launching early next year, claims to help with aging eyes -- according to the British publication New Scientist.

The company Ucansi will launch GlassesOff, an iPhone app and online tool that claims to train your brain to improve your reading vision.

GlassesOff claims to drop 10 years off your “eye age," while reducing symptoms related to aging eyes including headaches and tired eyes.

And some younger people might be able to continue reading without corrective lenses for longer than before possible, according to the firm.

New Scientist reports that, "the app helps people compensate for deterioration in their eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects by training the brain to process the resulting blurred images."

To improve one's vision, one needs to train with the GlassesOff software for 25 minutes three times a week for two months, said Ucansi.

Studies showed that after 40 sessions of training, volunteers could read more than two lines further down an optical chart held 40 centimeters from their eyes, claimed Ucansi.

That translates to an improvement in "eye age" from 50.5 to 41.9 years.

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