Shopping the Columbus Circle Holiday Market

"Organic." "Fair-Trade." "Socially Conscious." With these words splattered on nearly every sign in sight, you might think you're in a Park Slope coffee shop, but instead it's the Columbus Circle holiday market. To say it's gone green would be a bit of an understatement. They've got everything from organic jewelry (whatever that actually means) to eco-chic bags. And some of it is surprisingly cute. The Tibetan meditation rings, for instance, seem to the lay person (i.e. us) like just cooly designed silver rings.

Another favorite are the boudoir-inspired jewelry stands which feature incredibly detailed, tiny mannequins (see below). So whether you're looking for gifts with a deeper meaning or just neat pieces you won't find everywhere else, this is a great, affordable stop.  Given the bustling crowds on a chilly Monday morning, it seems like the secret's out.

The Columbus Circle holiday market is open Mon.-Sat. (10-8) and Sun. (10-7) through December 24th, 4 p.m.

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