Bloomie: Behind-Bars Mitzvah Is a Shonda!

Heads are gonna roll

Mike Bloomberg is less than impressed with the decision-making that went into allowing a notorious con man host a massive bar mitzvah within the confines of a New York City jail.

"Clearly, this is not something that should have taken place," Bloomberg said.

The mayor has called for an investigation to find out who exactly OK'ed such nonsense.

Tuvia Stern, a wealthy inmate who had once jumped bail and spent 20 years on the run, was allowed to celebrate his son's becoming a man with 60 guests in the Tombs, a prison downtown, according to the New York Post.

Stern financed and hosted the Dec. 30 party for his son, despite being locked up for grand larceny and bail jumping. Stern went on the lam in 1989 after being busted for swindling $1.7 million.

Stern got permission from prison officials to throw the party and bring in his own caterer. The Post reported that the caterer furnished kosher food, plates, forks and knives. Yup, knives.

"I've never seen, in my career, anything as stupid as this,"  a Department of Correction insider told The Post about the bar mitzvah. "It's outrageous what transpired."

Guests were allowed to keep their cellphones with them, another prison no-no, as they partied and danced the hora for about six hours in the jailhouse gym.

New Yorkers kicked in for the party as well: overtime pay was given to correction officers who staffed the lavish party.

Correction Commissioner Martin Horn suspended Rabbi Leib Glanz, the correction chaplain, for two weeks. Glanz had arranged the bar mitzvah. Four other prison officials were given a slap on the wrist with two weeks vacation taken away from each of them.

Stern was so pleased with the shindig that he threw an engagement party for his daughter at the same prison venue, the paper reported. Stern has since been removed from the Tombs and shipped to an upstate prison.

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