Wanna Dress Like Ralphie?

alex wang onesie.jpg

Sometimes designers make outrageous things that make us go, "Um, really?"

We've been scrolling through Shopbop all morning, (because all tops are 20% off and we have a crush on James Perse), and we found these Alexander Wang waffle shorts. They have little buttons and look like they're probably saggy in the butt and the model is seriously wearing them with black patent heels.

We thought, "Those are kind of weird."

But then we found the onesie version.

It's not so much a question of would you wear a onesie, because it could be kind of fun to run around a log cabin in a waffled onesie with a fur hat and hot chocolate, in theory anyway, but more about how a onesie should never, ever, cost $302.

In fact, Wang himself sums it up pretty nicely on Style.com today: "There's no point in creating clothes so out-there, so special that no one can wear them. I try to stay in touch with the customer."

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