True Life: I'm A Nail Polish Addict


It's true. I can't stop myself. I love the feeling I get when I glance down and see a flash of cool on my digits.

Abby says she would call for an intervention except that she likes seeing what I show up with every day. (She also just told me about Rescue Beauty Lounge - who make this amazing glitter polish - I might have to go directly after work.)

Currently, I'm rocking a horizontal-striped double-Essie combo (Aruba Blue topped with Bermuda Shorts). I live for the Sally Hansen nail pens, and fully see some lightning bolts in my nail future. I also love vertical stripes and painting each nail a different color.

And I will forever maintain that being the person who comes up with the names of nail polishes is undeniably the most amazing job ever. Reading the label on the bottom of a nail polish bottle brings me endless joy.

Are you as obsessed as I am? What is your go-to nail hue?


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