Trendspotting: Where Have all the Pants Gone?

hotpants at spring 09.jpg

Aside from the pajama inspiration at Dolce & Gabbana, there seemed to be something else a little off, like say, the fact that a number of models were missing their pants. We know everybody's been saying Spring 09's all about showing your body off, but the lack of bottom garments really takes the cake.

Especially in Milan, hot pants seemed to be Most Popular, winning over skirts / pants / dresses. This is like the bottom version of the bra-top - cool, interesting, but so unlikely to be worn in the streets, we'll be surprised if these ever hit the racks (outside of the lingerie department).

You could:

1. Wear leggings underneath, or if you're more prone to the Edie look- sheer to opaque stockings.

2. Wear a longer, butt-covering blazer / vest / sweater over them.

3. Wear it to a beach party (go-go moves not included).

Reasons it may not work: Too many to list.


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