Topshop Opening Pushed to March

topshop opening fall 2008 not so much.jpg

Something we all kind of knew already:

Topshop's opening's been delayed, now pushed back to "mid-March," or so Sir Philip Green's saying so far.

He says it has nothing to do with the economy, and everything to do with overly ambitious design plans that need figuring out.

In the meantime, Topshop's in talks with Opening Ceremony to see if they'll continue to carry their pieces until Spring, and of course, we now have their US website.

But consider this: If all we've heard from anyone we've talked to - all fans of London's Topshop - are complaints about the absurd pricing on the US site, can we really still say we're all dying for the store to even out the chains of overpriced rayon on that annoying stretch of Broadway anyway? Because we're not the only ones insulted by this $80, viscose Lanvin wannabe. And something tells us the site prices can't be that different from the store's...

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