Tom Ford Hooks Julianne Moore

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It might be because we love the man blindly, but for some reason we don't balk at Tom Ford designing a movie the way we balk at Jessica Simpson designing shoes.

Vogue UK reports that the busy man's starts production on his first film, A Single Man, next month. He adapted the script from the novel of the same title with the help of screenwriter David Scearce and he'll be directing, too - someone likes to be in charge.

Though we bet directing the likes of Colin Firth and Julianne Moore will be quite different from directing the Sophie Dahl's and Carmen Kass's of campaigns past. We're expecting, ok, hoping, for at least a bit of behind the scenes drama what with Ford's diva ways, a Los Angeles set, a dramatic story and a stellar cast.

Of course, we're also hoping Ford has a hand in the set and costume design, too. Anyone who sees the movie, who knows Tom Ford directed it, and who knows who Tom Ford is, will be paying more attention to the aestethic details than the story line anyway.

It's been far too long since Ford's had a hand in dressing women and as far as we're concerned, there can never be too much of the man.

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