Tahari in Your Palm


The iPhone keeps on expanding. WWD reported this morning that Elie Tahari is launching a free application next month that allows users to see the entire Fall 2009 collection, as well as zoom in for detail shots.

Sounds a lot like Style.com, but there's more to it. The app is buying-based, so it'll show you the looks and guide you to places online where you can purchase them. It's a smart move, as designers in the past year have become increasingly aware of catering to the consumer.

And while a woman could click through the looks on Style.com and admire them, she couldn't go much further than that. This tool could (as the brand is undoubtedly banking on) bring in new customers.

We'll be watching to see which companies - that we are more likely to frequent - follow suit. And may we suggest that they include a feature that alerts us as pieces start going on sale, and lets the app direct us to the best deals, too?


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