Sean Avery The Movie, Actually in the Works

sean avery and freja sure do love their headgear.jpg

Because we know you were wondering what's happening with that Sean Avery movie that Sean said might be happening, here's an update:

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News yesterday, Sean divulged that not only is the movie definitely happening and in pre-production, but that he himself is an executive producer on the film, and "talks to the writer weekly."

Indeed, someone somewhere has opened an IMDB entry for the film, set to hit silver screens in 2010. So it all seems about as real as his internship, so far.

But so many questions, like: Who will play Sean? Will Andre make a cameo? Will it be called something like, Seamless Summer? Which inevitably leads to, who exactly is this film targeting? Hockey fans? Is somebody out there hoping for a Devil 2?

And most pressing, will the Anna character wear a bob and nude mules?

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