Quirky Cork?

Weitzman cork.png

Lately, we've been on the fence about cork shoes. Not shoes with just a cork platform, mind you. But ones that use the material for the entire shoe.

We were intrigued when a friend told us there were super cheap vintage cork shoes on Etsy.

This pair and this pair totally sold us on the trend.

Though as always, the unfortunate thing about shopping on Etsy (or eBay) is that there's usually only one size, and if it isn't yours...tough luck. And these two? The Goldilocks dilemma: one too big and one too small.

So we got pretty excited when we saw Topshop has their own version. However, this is just a bit too woodsy for our tastes. Stuart Weitzman did a cork slingback two years ago (pictured) that we would consider rocking, so let's hope that more designers get on board. Or that more vintage pairs flood the market.


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