Project Runway Gets Auf'ed.

heidi klum for project runway in yellow heels.JPG

Sorry to start your weekend off like this, but this statement's been emailed to some press from NBC Universal:

"NBC Universal is pleased that the court granted our motion for a preliminary injunction against The Weinstein Company. The overwhelming evidence demonstrated that The Weinstein Company violated NBC Universal's right of first refusal to future cycles of Project Runway. After hearing all of the evidence, the court issued an order prohibiting The Weinstein Company from taking the show or any spin-off to Lifetime."


1. Will PR go back to Bravo, or does that mean it's just (gasp) done?

2. Does this affect Nina Garcia's job / tenure / existence at Marie Claire?

3. What about Project Runway: The Movie where they just mash all the episodes into one big marathon? Can that happen?

4. What will Heidi Klum do with all her free time?!

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