Nightcap: Hangover Edition


Just to quickly recap the very swingin' Whitney Art party last night, Britt was totally right, bandage dresses took over the room. (To be noted though, Britt did opt for something very hot herself!)

The music was old-school (loved). The champers ran out two hours in (did not love). And the room was filled with amazing art and all the cool kids from Camilla Belle and Hilary Rhoda to Anne Slowey and Joe Zee.

We can't lie, though, the highlight of the evening was not running into Brian Reyes and snagging an invite to his huge new design space (though that was lovely) or perusing the pieces of art that, sadly, we didn't have the funds to bid on.

No, it was Bradley Cooper. What can we say: we're girls, he's way dreamier in person. And the smile, god, the smile. Even cynical fashion types swooned in his presence. We saw at least two ladies hand him their cards.

Sorry, enough with the crushing when we should be talking about fashionable things. He just does that to us.

But so does a great dress. And the best-dressed of the night was definitely Lake Bell in red BCBG which clearly stood out in the sea of Herve.

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