Mid-Day Snack

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Put This In Your Pipe & Smoke It: Malin & Goetz have made a cannabis candle. Meanwhile, Abby just told me that Anna Wintour once disappeared with Bob Marley for a spell way back when. {Nylon}

Thirty Days Hath September:
Someone at the Daily (someone lucky) got a hold of The September Issue and posted a play by play. Then someone panicked and took it down, but not before someone else re-posted the best bits! {Fashionologie}

Italian Woman:
Lenny Kravitz & Donatella talk shoulders, Zoe, models and Gianni. {Interview}

I Heart New York: Jane from Sea of Shoes posted pictures of her trip to NYC, including a to-die-for sequined biker jacket her mom picked up, minus Vogue of course. {SeaofShoes}

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