I Want My (Old) MTV Back

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Remember back when the letters "MTV" actually meant what they stood for, and music was the entertainment of choice, rather than broadcasting the crushing of people's lives? Don't you wish you could have it back?

Well, don't hold your breath. MTV's just announced yet another reality show, this time having to do with fashion, which apparently is unrelated to their modeling reality show, Model Makers, which we're still hoping never makes it on air.

The new show doesn't have a name yet, but it calls for "all artists, designers, tastemakers, trend spotters, and anyone who thinks they know the fashion industry like the back of their hand" but who "don't yet have on-the-job experience in fashion, but an understanding of what the public wants and how to give it to them" to apply for the chance to "work directly with a world-renowned fashion designer, entertainment mogul and street icon" to eventually "participate in the creation of a fashion line."

Which may as well read: "If you're completely out of your mind, have a vague idea that you want to work in something called "fashion" and are downright enthusiastic about making an ass of yourself with other equally delusional people on national television only to cut your blurry dreams short by giving everyone an unshakable, reality TV reference of yourself which will always stand in place for what should be your actual reputation, please, sign up."

Interested parties can e-mail MTVcasting4fash...@gmail.com, parties who just want a little laugh with their lunch can read the full release after the jump.

PS. Does anyone not think the mogul in question is Puff Daddy?

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