How Do You Spot a Banker?

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For those of you who only read WWD for the news, you might not know that Thursday's the start of the G20 Summit in London, a yearly meeting between the world's largest national economies to discuss an agenda that usually includes IMF reform and strategies to revive the global economy. Naturally, this attracts protestors of all kinds, which naturally makes the world's bankers both in attendance and in the general vicinity a little nervous since most people blame them for the current global credit problems.

In anticipation, the British police have advised bankers to dress down so they're not as easily recognized. But here's what's funny: They've also been told to avoid "chinos and loafers" since those too readily bellow "banker trying to dress like a normal person" - kind of like when you see an Olsen trying to blend in on Bleecker behind her neon Oliver Peoples and venti latte that's bigger than her forearm, or when a kid plays hide-and-seek in the middle of the room.

So we're wondering - Can you spot an off-duty banker? What gives them away? The untucked Thomas Pink shirt over dry-cleaned jeans and never-before-used Nikes? The super gelled Ross Geller hair, like they've been swimming against the tide all morning?

We don't really know any bankers, so we're curious - what exactly do they look like whilst they walk among us?

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