Fashion Saves Bollywood

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Even Bollywood's been hit by hard economic times.

India's answer to Hollywood, (though so much bigger), has been suffering at the hands of less willing theatregoers. But, like Shirley Temple and the Great Depression, it looks like India's movie-lovers just needed the right reason to get back in their red velvet seats.

Madhur Bhandarkar's blockbuster film, Fashion, is about a small town girl who moves to a big city to become a supermodel. The model, played by Priyanka Chopra, makes her way through managers, publicists, designers, stars and agents until she finally takes to a runway.

Though the movie claims to be a work of fiction, it's being heralded as a realistic portrait of the industry. From the things a girl must do to make it to the top, to the shady practice of label switching among Indian designers, it's being regarded as a more digestible version of many truths.

The film opens stateside today and movies are the perfect cure to a Halloween hangover.

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