Do Clothes Make The Woman?

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All of my friends are interviewing for jobs.

Ok, not all, but I haven't had this many friends updating their resumes since my senior year of business school and the only major difference - aside from the economy - is that the what-do-I-wear question's taken on an entirely different dimension. Now that we've been in the working world, mostly creative, we know few situations actually call for a basic black suit.

We want to make a good impression, portray who we are, show the potential employer we're serious, fun, hard working and perfect in that one outfit.

Sure, every industry and position requires something totally different. When our finance friends ask for advice and we say buy a Westwood jacket and higher Louboutins they contract in horror and when we tell our fashion friends to add a jacket and hide the Marc label they say, "But I work in fashion."

So while the thought of bombing an interview over a hemline is terrifying, we lack a detailed rule book on just what to wear. How did you decide what to wear on your last interview? And what was it?


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