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Pop-up shops are all the rage this past year: Target, Puma, Pam Hogg, et cetera. But what about pop-up shops for other things?

Books and magazines to be exact. LOVE blogged that Angela Hill, who manages book selection at Dover Street and Colette in London, yesterday opened a pop up shop of books at St. Martin's Lane, with a pretty serious collection of vintage fashion magazines (Interview, Ritz and 19 Magazine among others) and some pretty cool art books. It will be around until late August.

We're green with envy, of course. It seems that so many our cool archival stores have been forced out of business in NYC. And we miss them so. All the more perfect time for a pop-up. Of course, we will then likely become hermits, hidden away while pouring over old issues of The Face and Vogues of all nationalities. But who says that's a bad thing?


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