Carlos Miele Calls It Quits?

carlos miele empty store.jpg

On our twisted route to tonight's Duplicity premiere, we walked down 14th Street and noticed a spookily empty Carlos Miele store.

The lights were off in the all-white, super modern space at around 5:30, the racks were empty, the three mannequins that always hang in the window were missing and the shelves were bare. Nothing in sight but a lone palm tree and a sad bust wearing a red dress on the floor in the back.

The designer announced he was launching menswear at the end of November and a luxury denim line at his Fall 09 show just a few weeks ago - which makes the empty store the first sign of trouble for the Brazilian designer. Unless of course it's just getting a major makeover, which would put him at the other end of the spectrum as the only designer with money to burn.

Meanwhile, the third star of Duplicity, aside from Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, is the oh-so-distracting black and gold Marc Jacobs handbag she carries prominently from start to finish. Which we guess means Marc has some cash to burn, too.

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