Blair Waldorf: Marchesa Before Marchesa

marchesa pre blair.jpg

So I didn't watch Gossip Girl last night. I don't actually have a TV, slight problem, I know. But when my phone started buzzing with texts from former Fashionistas, I knew I'd missed something major.

Apparently, Blair had been keeping a prom scrapbook under her bed for a very, very long time filled with creepy sketches of her and Nate at the big dance. In one such sketch was a dress and that dress was Marchesa Spring 09.

Which means Blair dreamed up the black and gold tulle column before Keren and Georgina even hooked up. And of course the dress in the sketch turned into the dress in real life (thanks to Chuck apparently? thanks to Natalie for ruining the end?) without a single mention of Marchesa.

Wonder what Harvey Weinstein'll say about that?

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