Are $600 Sneakers Ever OK?

lanvin satin sneakers.jpg

Under what economic climate would it be appropriate to release $565 pink satin sneakers?

Surely not this one.

Not when magazines are folding, designers are canceling runway shows, brands are floundering, stores are going bankrupt and even Chanel is laying off hundreds of employees.

But Alber Elbaz just couldn't resist and so today, on the seventh day of what is sure to be a fiscally disastrous year, Net-a-Porter is catering to your consumer demands with these. Natalie says the thick shoelaces are an homage to Alber's signature bow tie but can't understand why one would pay almost six hundred dollars to look like a bunny rabbit.

I say, but they're not even silk. In which case Alber might offer me the patent leather ones, which Net-a-Porter calls, "achingly hip," for an extra $30.

I mean, really?

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