Alison + Ashley: Part 1, My, What Pretty Clothes You Have

Alison Lewis Ashley Jeanne Fall 09 3.jpg

Since Ashley Granata used to plan all the parties for, we knew her joint presentation with Alison Lewis would be a good one.

It was the kind of event people would describe as "intimate" - think steep stairs, a small back room, and smooth champagne - held in a small West Village restaurant filled with lovers of Alison and Ashley only.

The clothes were adorable - tops that looked like a cross between pajamas and kimonos, a little romper the models literally fought over to decide who would wear it (true story), and scarves screen-printed by Ms. Granata herself, so precious you wish you found them in your grandmother's bureau.

Ashley said the event was basically a dream come true - she's been working in fashion since she was 16, back when she used to skip school and drive into the city from Pennsylvania just so she could help her aunt at the Tents, all the while dreaming of going to FIT to study textiles and to eventually become a designer.

It was at this point that the event took another turn, but we'll save that for our next post so you can enjoy the pretty pictures...

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