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There are bad knock-offs and then there are really bad knock-offs.

Modcloth's version of Marc Jacob's Ginny bag is strictly the latter. Their rendition, strangely called the Debbie Gibson bag, lacks all of the qualities that make us lust after MJ's without disguising its design references.

Modcloth remembered the purple leather tassels, the leather woven striping and a magnetic snap closure. They even got the color palette right - the yellow, the purple, the black to white contrast - awkward combinations perfectly pegged. Everything else? A disaster.

Their "vegan-friendly" leather lacks the shine of Stella's signature faux skins and the bulky shape and padded strap definitely aren't what Marc had in mind. But if the gold and tortoise chain strap, sleek silhouette, padlock and subtle gray suede detailing aren't that important to you - basically all the things that makes this bag worth the extra effort and dollars - then go ahead and put your money towards rent.

Just don't blame us when your Debbie Gibson doesn't make it past Memorial day.


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