White Slab Palace Unveils Itself to the LES

The shell of the new bar/restaurant from the Good World team, White Slab Palace on 77 Delancey, has been taunting Lower East Siders for months now with its tightly drawn gates and quick glimpses at the taxidermy inside.

But last night it finally pulled the gates up, lit up a dozen candles, and made its debut to the neighborhood.

A correspondent writes in: "Love that White Slab spot..hits all the right notes with the decor: taxidermy, dark wood bar." While Bowery Boogie stops in to have a drink: "The interior exudes a pared-down industrial feel..But the ultimate draw is the clear view of the street corner; it's a people-watcher paradise..."

A food menu won't be available for another week, but they started serving drinks last night. LES: have at her.

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