Eater Maps: The East Village Dessert Overload

East Village: It began with Chikalicious. Then came the ice cream shops, followed by the fro-yo chains, and then the West Village's Chocolate Bar. Throw in a Momofuku bakery, not one but two vegan ice cream shops and a high end cupcakerie, and you have a verifiable East Village dessert deluge. It seems that for the first time the new dessert sector is growing at a faster rate than the East Village bar scene (send all thank yous and complaints to CB3). While St. Mark's Place was already too far gone for us to be too concerned about the encroaching Pinkberrys and Red Mangos, this is all getting out of control. Members of the dessert loving public, it's time for a moratorium. But, until it's ratified, a guide to New York's Sweet Zone:For more stories from Eater, go to

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