Downtown Diva Vashtie: I Don't Throw Parties to Get Famous

Downtown renaissance woman Vashtie -- music video director for stars like Kid Cudi and Justin Bieber -- is perhaps best-known as the mind behind the 1992 throwback bashes and Open parties at Santos Party House with DJs Q-Tip and Rich Medina.

But the "It" girl, who was also director of creative services at Island Def Jam, said fame isn't a motivating factor when it comes to her party-throwing prowess, which has drawn A-listers from Jay-Z to Ben Stiller to her events.

“None of those parties happened out of contrived thought, and it didn’t come out of an aspiration to be famous,” Vashtie told Niteside at the Future Development Graffiti exhibition after party at Chelsea’s The Yard over the weekend.

“The idea was similar in both where we just wanted to create a party that brought all kinds of people together in a space where you could just feel comfortable and be yourself, dance however you wanted to dance. Even if you don’t have any rhythm you could just come and have a good time.”

Vashtie said the music and the venue are two key elements when it come to throwing the perfect party.

“I think it takes great music," she said. "It takes a DJ who understands a crowd, knows how to move with a crowd, rather than just come to a party with a set they have in mind. I think the venue is extremely important. Everything from walking through the door to tables where they’re set up.”

Though her own parties can often be star-studded affairs, Vashtie said prefers low key bashes.

“I hate places that are kind of like, door drama and VIP and bottle service only. That kind of thing I’m not really myself into.”

But ultimately a good party is in the eye of the reveler.

“I think that when you can find a place that makes you feel comfortable, maybe if you’re interested in being dressed up for an event and that’s your kind of thing, then that’s good.”

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