Raquel Allegra Takes Cues From Cleopatra and the Maharishi


Raquel Allegra's fuss-free tie-dye maxi dresses and easy cotton basics are the epitome of summertime chic. No surprise, then, that the designer spends her lazy days of summer swathed in an all-white uniform and soaking up blasts of AC.

Summer Getaway: "Weekends at Two Bunch Palms in Palm Springs with a friend, or just me and my man ... The 'Please talk softly' signs everywhere help insure the r&r I get so rarely and so desperately crave."
Warm Weather Activity: "Zone-out time at Topanga Canyon Beach with my surfer pals. I stick to the shore under my fave straw hat with a book or sketch pad and plenty of H2O."
Summer Workload: "Delivering Fall '12, closing sales on Holiday '12, designing Spring '13, relaunching website, studio demolition and expansion—and lots of yoga to keep me sane."
Fondest Childhood Summer Memory: "Eating Cap'n Crunch and singing eight hours a day at the San Francisco Girls Chorus sleep-away camp."
Summer Uniform: "Layers of whites inspired by my Kundalini tribe, including cotton gauze and jersey slouchy riding pants, almost always with my go-to linen trench topper, and a barely there underlayer—a.k.a. bra top tank. Balenciaga snakeskin wedges. All my turquoise jewelry comes out for the summer."
Summer Treat: "Central AC."
Summer Anthems: "Naked and Famous, 'Young Blood'; Santigold, 'Disparate Youth'; and Beach House, 'Lazuli.'"
Summer Style Icon: "Cleopatra, neck and neck with Maharishi."

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