Cleansing for Fashion Week

In a move we can only describe as genius, a press invite lit up many editors' inboxes last week inviting them to a special event during fashion week hosted by Blueprint Cleanse, a line of juice cleanses designed to, er, purge your body of the various sins it may have committed during the year. Aw, hell, of the various sins you committed this weekend, probably.

But back to the genius part—they're hosting a special fashion week event! They're calling it a "liquid lunch" (hilarity!) that falls on the last day of fashion week, basically ensuring that they will catch you at your feeling-fattest, most-inundated-with-booze-and-salty-hangover snacks. Just picture how desperately bad you usually feel about yourself at the end of a week of watching rail-thin models and sometimes-even-thinner celebrities prance in and out of incredibly glamorous events wearing clothing you could never (ever!) wear without looking like a very-in-touch-with-the-trends heifer.

Now imagine that in the depths of that despair, you're invited to an event hosted by people trying to cleanse your colon ... with juice! Seriously, we can't decide if we're too horrified to go or so amused that we're RSVP-ing as soon as we get back into the office. (Honestly, probably the latter.) Most enticing of all, the website claims that "it's a user-friendly system of cleansing set up to be practical for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red-wine crowd looking to periodically offset the damages of their indulgence." Come on, you know what category you fall into. See you at "lunch"!

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