City by Subway: From the New Museum to Toxic Avenger

This weekend marks Easter and Passover, and with the holidays upon us, there are some exciting things going on around town -- and it can all be done by subway!

Let’s begin by inching our way up the island -- starting your morning off by the J-M-Z at the New Museum on the Bowery for a freshly opened exhibition, “The Generational: Younger Than Jesus.” The exhibit displays 145 works by artists all under the age of 35-years-old,  hailing from countries around the world including Algeria, India, Turkey, and Venezuela.  Many of the artists are making their museum gallery debut – and the exhibition is diverse – spanning all mediums from paintings to animation to performance and internet-based works.  This is an opportunity to celebrate the next generation of artists. The work you see here may just find its way into art history books some day.  Admission to the museum is $12 – $8 for college students – and free if you’re under 18.

Walk three blocks north on the Bowery and east on Bond Street to The Smile – a multi-purpose store created by Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman. The smile is the ultimate collaboration between friends where you can do so much more than shop!  Grab a bite to eat if you’d like in the restaurant run by Melia Marden – and be sure to order a shot of espresso courtesy of the imported Italian Faema espresso machine.  While you peruse the fashions or the art showcased throughout the store – you can always decide to pay a visit to Scott Campbell of Saved Tattoo. He runs the tattoo parlor downstairs.  Food.  Fashion.  Friends.  Tattoos.  What more could you ask for?

Now head to the 6 train at Bleecker Street and head north to Union Square and walk east toward 13th Street between Avenues A and B for the do-it-yourself urban agriculture workshop series.  This week’s installment will teach community garden members from around the city the practice of rainwater harvesting using materials that are readily available at little to no cost.  Workshops like this, run by the department of parks and recreation, are popping up all around the city.   Now that Earth Week  is right around the corner, New Yorkers are prepared to make this city green. Visit for more information.

Now we move from green thumbs to green superheroes. Head back to Union Square and take the N-R-W Uptown to 49th Street, walk west two blocks to the New World Stages for the Toxic Avenger musical.  This is not a joke – but it is hysterical.  Maybe you remember the 1985 cult classic set in New Jersey.  But if you don’t, here’s a reminder.  The story follows Melvin Ferd the Third – who after being dumped in a vat of toxic goo is reborn as a superhuman environmental crusader named the Toxic Avenger.  The show features music and lyrics by Bon Jovi’s David Bryan and is directed by Tony Award winner John Rando.  Keep in mind that this musical isn’t appropriate for small children, but teenagers young and old will laugh their heads off through the entire 90-minutes of the show.  Tickets are $51 to $85.

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