Cake Announces New Album

It’s been six years since Cake released their last album, and the Sacramento rockers (rephrase: Sacramento’s only rockers?) finally have another on the horizon. Yesterday, Warner Music’s Independent Label announced the January 11, 2011 release of Showroom of Compassion, their sixth studio disc. According to Warner, the album was recorded over the past two and a half years at the quartet’s solar electric-powered studio. (Hippies.)

First single, “Sick of You,” has been released to radio; hear it here. It’s exactly on par with the Cake you recall" fey guitars, brass bleats, singer John McCrea’s droll speak-sing. It’s a more than apt replacement for the currently ubiquitous iPod Nano commercial and its ten-second flash of the band’s 2001 breakout hit “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” (and arguably better than the new Lilliputian Nano you’re supposed to crave).

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