New Minerva Looking Wonky?


A tipster sent in these photos of 614 7th Avenue, otherwise known as the Minerva, so named for a statue in the nearby Green-Wood Cemetery. In its first incarnation, a 70-foot-high Scarano design, the building caused a kerfuffle for blocking views from its namesake. Then the 100-by-100-foot lot was sold to another developer who is creating 11 single-family, four-story homes. Our tipster snapped some shots revealing what seems to be some shoddy workmanship. "These POS's are a mix of block (8" instead of 12"), plywood decking (not concrete), wooden beams (warping) and boy, those floors do-so line up, right." The developers have some cojones, he says. "The buildings are not even 50% finished (and not 100% kosher by Green-Wood's standards) and falling down as they are being built... and they are listing for pre-sales? Perhaps Minerva NOW wishes her view was blocked from INSIDE the cemetery."
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