It Pretty Much Sucks to be a Seller Right Now


This weekend's real estate cover story in the Times examines the plight of folks who have to sell their homes now because of things like job relocations. Case in point: "Mr. Rogers, his wife, Gillian, and their two small children had been comfortably ensconced in a four-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot condo in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The couple bought it for $599,000 in cash in January 2006, after selling the Hell’s Kitchen apartment they had outgrown for $920,000 at the height of the market, and pocketing a profit that was three times what they had paid. They hoped to make a similar killing by buying into another gentrifying neighborhood. 'I used what I called the Starbucks index,' Mr. Rogers said. 'There were no Starbucks around in Hell’s Kitchen when I bought there, and when I sold there were four. There were no Starbucks here either when I bought.'" Fast forward to now, when Rogers has been relocated overseas, and we find the family unable to rent the condo or sell it for what they paid a few years ago (which would mean a loss of around $60,000 in transaction costs). Other hard-luck stories include a couple who have to sell or face housing their baby in a closet. The unifying theme: It's tough out there for sellers.
Gotta Move, Gotta Sell [NY Times]
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