House of the Day: 78 Adelphi Street


What to do if your new townhouse listing is inconveniently located next door to one of the more garrishly ugly new developments in the neighborhood? Use an old photo, of course! Such is the sales tactic with 78 Adelphi Street, a new Corcoran listing adjacent to long-time whipping boy To be fair, the listing just hit the market and it's possible the broker hasn't had time to make it over there yet, though since the three-family house is gutted, there aren't a whole lot of photo opps. With an asking price of $775,000, this is an interesting comp for the Tuesday's House of the Day, 51 Cambridge Place. The Adelphi house is a lot cheaper but this particular block isn't exactly prime Fort Greene. Then again, there's no LPC to contend with either. Deal or no deal?
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