Conservative Talk Show Host Beholds Williamsburg

A conservative radio talk show host called Jay Mundy describes his first visit to Williamsburg earlier this week. It's kinda hilarious until you realize that people this close-minded actually exist. Some out-takes:


It is a place that is now the official hipster neighborhood of the United States of America...I never thought that could exist here...I couldn't believe it. It is so left wing, how do I even describe it...If you could see what this place looks like...Just think of the most left-wing hippie, lunatic, nutcase; get that in your head and multiply it by thousands. It is extremely scary...Tattoos and people who are high on drugs all day and they are wearing weird clothes, like something you can't imagine, like a Hollywood picture, but here it was in the real world. Someone I was with said it's like all the misfits in this country went to this neighborhood. There's graffiti everywhere cuz they think graffiti is art...They are extreme leftists. I've never seen so many sick weirdos gathered in one place. They're all doing drugs all day. They have their hair died and tattoos so they can't have a job so they're all living on public assistance...They love Obama and the leftists and hate police power. They're carefree people. If I lived there a day, I tell you I would be in jail for murder...They don't believe in toilet paper there because it hurts the environment...I think even some left-of-center Democrats would be grossed out.

Someone better explain to this guy the difference between a hipster and a hippie. You can check Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview on YouTube.

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