Bergen Street Brewery Still on the Block?


In March, we found out that this former Brewery, at 949 Bergen, had been sold for $7.5 million, $500,000 less than the asking price; it includes two lots running from Bergen to Dean, with approximately 90,000 buildable square feet. But the same sign announcing its availablilty is still affixed to the facade. According to ACRIS, the buyer was Crow Hill Development LLC, but there's been no activity since then, save for some new street art painted on the bricks. Someone from Crow Hill wrote in anonymously in March to say that "the intention is to preserve all the 19th Century brewery buildings along Bergen and Franklin Streets. Along with some new low-rise construction on Dean Street, we should be able to hit the maximum FAR without bringing down any of the amazing structures that are in your photo — the insides are even more amazing." They mentioned retail on the ground floor, and perhaps even a brew pub. Anybody know what's happening now?
Bergen Street Brewery Off the Block [Brownstoner]

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