406 15th Street: The Lawsuit


Starting in 2006, the construction work for a development at 406 15th Street was marked by what residents time and again alleged were less-than-best practices, to put it mildly: In July '06, the DOB evacuated an adjacent building because construction at 406 made the structure "imminently perilous to life"; in October '06, neighbors put together a video about how work at 406 was damaging adjacent structures; and, most recently, IMBY had a post early this year about how the underground parking garage at 406 constantly ventilated fumes into a neighboring backyard. It comes as no surprise, then, that 406 15th Street, which is a rental with people living in it, is now the subject of a lawsuit filed at the beginning of this year in New York State Supreme Court. The suit has been brought by the owners of the 8-unit rental at 1504 8th Avenue that was evacuated a few years ago and the insurance company that provided coverage for the building; it names 406 15th Street developer Jack LoCicero and architecture firm Bricolage among the defendants. The lawsuit has a laundry list of alleged negligent construction practices at 406 15th and reads, in part, "as a result of said negligence, damages were incurred by the plaintiffs for the cleanup, renovation, assessment, remediation, equipment, construction, renovation, repairs, labor and materials, loss of rents and costs in excess of $626,000." So far, Bricolage and contractors that worked on 406 15th Street have filed answers to the plaintiff's complaint denying all culpability.
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