Bloomie Sees What You're Doing

Smoking bans are made to be broken. And you can fool some of the inspectors some of the time, but you can't fool all of the inspectors all of the time.Or something like that, a rep from the Mayor's office tells the Observer's Daily Transom.

Page Six has long made a habit of pointing out smoking perps at NYC bars—from an item on Shannen Dougherty puffing away at Radar's party at Citrine to a feature story in this weekend's Page Six Magazine, detailing smoking ban infractions at Beatrice Inn and Rose Bar. Pointing out who's breaking the law doesn't exactly seem like the way to win friends and influence people so we'll leave out the list of places where you can illegally sit and smoke. Let's just say they're out there. Of course you can legally light up while drinking at the new Beekman Bar & Books anytime, as well as its sister location on Hudson Street or Lexington.

The rep from Bloomie's office told the Transom that the sharp folks there had figured out that bars may be more likely to let people smoke late at night, so they are increasing late night inspections. Genius. So when the staffers aren't distracted by finding ways to wrangle luxe boxes out of the Yankees and Mets, they'll get busy making sure you have to go outside in the freezing cold to light up.

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