Bleach Black for Urban Outfitters

If we had to pick the most innovative retailer for designer collaborations Urban would have to be it.  Southern California duo, Val Killen and Kristen Reiter of the blog Bleach Black will be designing a line of jewelry for the Holiday Season.  Kind of ironic given the girls' rather punk-rock chic vibe, but it looks like there are some sparkly, holiday-ready necklaces in the mix.  Though leather and studs will likely be stealing the show.

While the girls are actually designers (not just bloggers with taste) we're excited that Urban has been getting so many under-the-radar labels and names on board.  Come to think of it, we wonder if that's really what the whole designer collab thing should be- a way of helping lesser known names get out there and pocket some well needed cash.  Urban has been successfully scoped out great talent like Sunshine and Shadow, The Reformation, Lyell, Samantha Pleet, Eugenia Kim and Sea of Shoes blogger, Jane Aldridge.  We're all for the big guns helping out the little guys.  Can't wait to see the full Bleach Black Collection when it hits Urban Outfitters stores on November 18th.

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